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From my experience, I know that the results are not going to appear if you neglect your nutrition in the same time with the exercise. I know how stressful it can be to think of a healthy diet for a longer period, or to constantly ask yourself what to eat the next day, or that you don’t have enough time to handle the cooking as well.

Because I care about my customers and I want the best results for them, I want to come with a complete service that will make them gain long-term good habits and persistent results, so for this reason I prepared the below offers:

How does it work?

First, you send me an email and you describe what type of service you would like. We will set a meeting in a location that you find confortable for talking and having a coffee, on Fridays or Saturdays (for the moment, my timetable is available only on those days).

Why work with me?

When you are about to buy something, you often ask yourself why choosing to buy this product/service from this brand or if it suits you.

So I am thinking the same in my case, that’s why I will present to you below a few reasons to work with me.

Who am I

Andrei Rusu

If you wish to begin a collaboration with me, it’s important to know me better since the beginning.

Zuzka Light’s Cardio Slim-Down Workout

You need to do cardio, and you need to get stronger? Well, this cardio circuit provides both! Your heart rate will increase and your muscles will feel the tension of kettlebell lifts. Join me and get slim!


Today’s workout is a circuit of different exercises, for which you’re going to need a kettlebell, an exercise mat, and a jump rope. We do 30 seconds of jump rope between each of the three multi-stage plyometric exercises.

The goal is to complete two rounds of this workout as fast as you can. So push really hard with me, get ready to warm up, and let’s do this together right now!


  • Start and finish with jump rope.
  • Complete the circuit 2 times.
  • Try to complete the workout in 15 minutes or less.


Trainer and fitness personality Lita Lewis doesn’t have time for half-assed cardio. She changes things up often, but always keeps the intensity level high.

“To keep myself motivated, I switch up my cardio efforts every 2-3 weeks,” she says. “This helps me avoid boredom and the dreaded plateau.” A standard element in her approach is sprinting, which can be combined effectively with any number of dynamic movements. After all, you have to get back to the starting line somehow, right?