Colaborare intre antrenor personal si client

Lucian, April 8th, 2014


I decided to go to gym for medical reasons. A doctor recommended me to exercise, another one told me that some resistance exercise won’t do me bad, so the conclusion was simple enough. Just that I was at odds with my self-motivation, and for a while I kept postponing the date to begin the training.

One day, I was having a beer with some friends when I received a business card and, although I was skeptical about the idea of a personal trainer, I said ‘why not, it’s not like I’m doing any better by myself’.


The first meeting with Andrei was as I expected, with a small exception: he wanted to know what was motivating me. That moment I realized it wasn’t going to be easy, but I thought at least one good thing would happen: I would gain an external motivation that would push me through the sessions.

And I needed it for all, from diet (giving up on beer?!) to training sessions, which at the beginning I thought they were awful (I needed a break after the first training, as I got nauseous). Despite all of this, after gym I was feeling really well, even though some parts were still hurting, but to be honest I haven’t got to exercise in the past 10 years except for the single movement I did to get up and go out for a smoke.

After several sessions I began to feel the change, I felt some more strength, some more resistance, I wasn’t dying instantly during cardio time and with each week, like he was doing on purpose, the personal trainer kept increasing the weights for some machines. On one hand it looked as if I wasn’t going to do an easy exercise, on the other hand it was a sign that there was some progress. After a couple of months, besides the progress with the weights, another side effect appeared- the abbs started to contour, probably because all the beers, the pizzas and the shawarmas that were stored in there began to fade away.

Now I can say that I’m sure without Andrei I couldn’t have done the same progress, because I lose my motivation really quickly, I leave it for tomorrow if it looks difficult, but with someone who is there to give mea small impulse when it’s the toughest time, and who knows what he’s doing, the results are visible.

I am very satisfied and happy that I got to collaborate with Andrei.

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