Corina Ioana

Antrenor personal Bucuresti si Corina Ioana

Corina Ioana,

When I first found Andrei’s webpage, I wasn’t sure if I was going to start doing sports under the supervision of a personal trainer. I had no idea how it was going to be, but I knew it was time to make a decision: I would let it be, let the time change step by step all that my body meant, I would work to consolidate it.

I was convinced by the articles and the reviews found on the website. I sent him an email and we met. Since then, almost 2 months have passed and this can be seen and felt too, in the appearance and in the resistance to effort. And I’m sure it’s just the beginning.

I consider important to take care of your body not for people around you, but first for you. Beside the benefits to your health, the sports will increase your self-confidence and self-respect. And not least, the psychology has proved that persons with a pleasant appearance have more chances to succeed in their purposes that involve social interaction.

Andrei is a professional, he is very serious and determined, very focused on his purposes. Working out is not easy with him. He manages every time to take me out of my limits that I thought I had or that I was setting myself. Fortunately, I know I am on good hands, that he knows exactly until which point to insist.

For me, the fact that I chose Andrei as a personal trainer was an important step. Me, alone, I would have never reached to the results I have in just 2 months (I know it because I already tried by myself). I have only one regret: that I didn’t take pictures before and after beginning the trainings, so that I could put it on his website next to the other success stories and reviews.


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