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Claudia, 41 y old, Bucharest, September 21st, 2015

‘Wow! THANK YOU, Andrei Rusu!

This is what I fell of telling today. I met Andrei 4-5 months ago and I can say he changed my life.
I was desperate. I had around 80-82kg and 2 years of nutritional sessions, with no results unfortunately.
Now I reached 65kg with gym sessions with personal trainer Andrei Rusu. How were the meals? I had a diet customized by him, and this with all the moral support provided by him have contributed to what I gained in this time.

Congratulations, Andrei! For the way you managed to ‘manipulate’ me, for the difficult moments in the gym when I almost abandoned, not to mention the diet! I have no words left, diversity, healthy food brought at my door and not in the last place, very good-looking meals!
Once again, THANK YOU!


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