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Alexandru Mosu, July 15th, 2013


Following Andrei’s request, I left here some words about what it truly means to have a personal trainer.

We met and we discussed the terms of our collaboration and what my expectations were from him. I explained that first I wanted to change my lifestyle including the way I ate (quite precarious). I have to mention that I was pretty skeptical towards this first day, as the only details I had about Andrei were the ones found on his website, nothing else. But he managed right from this ‘table talk’ to give me that small impulse of trust that it will be OK.

He explained to me very clearly that I would have 5 meals a day, 3 main courses and 2 fruits as snacks, based on my favorite foods. He said he doesn’t see the nutrition as a proper ‘diet’ (perfectly true, as I saw it has a large variety of foods), but also that I will not be allowed to consume some things like alcohol, sodas, fast food and especially sweets (this really broke my heart as I’ve been dying for sweets since I was little). Honestly, the biggest problem was to respect the hours of each meal, but else just like he said, I didn’t feel I was on a diet.
We set the goal to reach 10kg weight loss (from 79kg to 69kg) and to have around 4 workout sessions a week.

 First day of training

We began with a mild warm-up to cover the majority of joints (big plus here, I met other fitness trainers who didn’t pay attention so much to warming up the joints but only the muscle group that they were going to train that day), after which we began to train the legs. First impression I had- in this rhythm he wants to send me directly to intensive care after the session. The sessions are short, 50-90mins, but the rhythm is very alert and the breaks are extremely short.

After the first sessions I didn’t see any change. I was beginning to ask myself, was it really worth it to work that hard? The visible results came after a month, and I want to say that we already entered the 3rd month of training and I only have 2 kg to reach my target (I must add that I also have been gone to the mountains, to the seaside and the diet was a bit shaken).

You may wonder what makes Andrei so special among other trainers and why I recommend him so dearly.

First and foremost, he is very interested in knowing all the time that you respect the meals- he pays very much attention to this You have to eat each meal at its turn if you want results, because honestly he is right, a workout session without eating before is pointless. He is very persistent, even from the first session, he explained how the deal was: ‘Jokes and stories after the session’- the basic rule.
He helps you at every exercise to execute it correctly and doesn’t let you until you correct it. More important is that he forces your limits and encourages you every time he sees you can’t do it anymore, when you simply cannot execute the exercise to the end and he helps you complete the exercise and all the series. At first sessions, you may feel the urge to throw in the towel but with the time you realize that all the suffering and the teeth-grating were worth it and eventually were beneficial.
He managed to revive my motivation (which I thought I didn’t have at all) through all kinds of things let’s say interactive: he came up with Miss Squat if I arrived late at the training, if I had consumed alcohol I was forced to buy my favorite non-alcohol drink and give it to him to drink it while I had a glass of water, and last but not least, a bet that we had and that I obviously lost, to buy him a pair of boxing gloves if I didn’t reach the desired weight in a month and 2 weeks.

In conclusion, I want to re-confirm that I have never met a man as determined and motivated as Andrei Rusu is in his field.


P.S.: I didn’t forget about the gloves.:))

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