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Mihaela Bacescu, 1st of December, 2014


First I want to say, Happy Name Day Andrei!

It’s difficult to give presents to someone who is him the one happy to give- and he does that on a daily basis, through his thoughts, advices and his support- so I said to myself that these words could be a source of joy for him.

Since a long time I’ve been feeling the need to add some words to those already spoken by his other customers, but it seems everybody is thinking the same: Andrei is a professional, Andrei doesn’t let you down, Andrei makes sure that you are OK, Andrei is a true friend.
In this crazy world in which people are only for themselves, Andrei cares, he suffers and je rejoices side by side with you, he encourages you and supports you in permanence.

Although I decided to talk about Andrei, I really need to add some words about myself here, as it seems, the body shape achieved by his customers is the best business card for Andrei.
Since July, I lost 15kg, with gym trainings and a balanced diet obviously, but a diet of which again Andrei took care, as well as of the training sessions.
I’m not sure that the weight loss is as important as the fact that I feel very good about myself (well, yeah it is!), I feel very satisfied that I’ve done all of this, that I managed to do things I never thought I could do.

This desire and ambition to overpass certain barriers and to reach the target, have been accentuated by the time I believed it can be done, and they reinforced my trust in Andrei.
Therefore, out of consideration for all his efforts and of respect for me, I managed to get over all my fears that I had related to the hard work in the gym and reached a body shape that I missed in a very long time.

And don’t forget: start your day with a smile and finish the same!




Rusu Andrei

Antrenor Personal fitness Bucuresti

One Response to MIhaela B.

  1. CANDALE ANCA says:

    Şi eu vreau să-i mulţumesc lui Andrei, pentru că niciodată nu am văzut-o pe sora mea într-o formă aşa grozavă, nu am siţit-o aşa de mulţumită de ea însăşi. Şi dacă mi-ar mai spune şi mie (măcar) prin corespondenţă cum să fac să scap de *burtica* mea.. ar fi şi mai grozav…
    Dar ştii ce mi se pare cel mai minunat în povestea asta? Că un tânăr de 20 şi de ani pune atâta pasiune şi seriozitate în ceea ce face încât cu greu ai putea să-ţi imaginezi aşa ceva. Eu, personal, având în vedere vârsta lui, am fost extrem de sceptică .. Greu de crezut că mai sunt şi astfel de tineri.. Îţi dă speranţă..
    Bravo, Andrei! Ţine-o tot aşa!

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