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Claudia, March 13th, 2017,


‘Where to begin? Well, from the fact that I used to sweat even when I was putting on my shoes? Or that I couldn’t enjoy the time playing with my little girl in the park?
I was doing very well in organizing things that didn’t concern my person (office activities, plans with friends and family etc), but I had a hard time when it came to go to gym or start a diet. Of course I tries many diets that promised instant results, obviously they didn’t work or they worked for a very short time.
I realized that I haven’t put myself on the first place and I needed to make a change. I started browsing the internet and found the webpage ‘Catering Sanatos’. The message I sent them on February 6th 2017 to ask for information was the best thing I did for myself in a long time.
I started to receive their daily meals on February 13th. I had 116.7kg. A lot. 34 years, 1.60, height.
After 20 days of healthy meals, I lost 6kg. It wasn’t easy, What really helped me a lot was that the meals varied from day to day so I didn’t have the occasion to get bored with the food, and I was eager and curious to find out in the morning what I was going to eat that day. And I got rid of that annoying question, ‘What am I going to eat today?’!
In addition, Mr. Rusu took good care so that I could exercise the proper way. Even if I was grinding my teeth at every training session in the gym, while telling him that he was torturing me, I always left from the gym with a bright smile and full of energy.
What’s next? I bought a new gym bag and I’m ready to start the second month of Catering Sanatos!
Big thank you to the entire team for all the support!’




Slabeste sanatos cu Andrei Rusu si Catering Sanatos  

’30 days have past since I have begun the program offered by Catering Sanatos, and 30 days since I have started training 3 times a week with Rusu Andrei. All these days I have been thinking that I took the correct decision and that I found the right man to help me fulfill the change I wished. It was tough, tougher the training than the diet, but after 30 days and 9.7kg lost, I am feeling better than ever, full of energy, no joint pains caused by overweight.
The training sessions are intense, based on the correct isolation of the muscle and on the improvement of the joints mobility. Briefly, the best decision in matters of a complete training program that helps you lose weight and exercise without hurting yourself.’



Slabeste sanatos cu Andrei Rusu si Catering Sanatos


Roxana, August 3rd, 2016

‘Everything started when, one day, I decided to apply to a kind of contest that was shared on Facebook. The contest organizer was Andrei Rusu, personal trainer, who was encouraging us to share our extra pounds in an email sent to them, and then they would choose the winner.
I applied and wrote to them, sharing with them what was my story overall, thinking that he is a stranger by he is an instructor and maybe he could help me. The days passed, and I forgot about my application. But one day I received a message right from Andrei, telling me that I won the contest of that month. It was wow, I’ve never won anything and there I was, the ‘prize winner’. We started on Monday, July 4th 2016, when I also received my first meal from Catering Sanatos, the catering business run by Andrei.
First I didn’t trusted that the food portions would be sufficient to cover my needs, but surprisingly, it was really worth it: every day the menu is diverse and you eat healthier but very consistent. After 2 days we started the training sessions at the gym and it wasn’t easy at all. Then the muscle soreness came, the pain, the cries, but I couldn’t do anything because Andrei kept yelling ‘Come on, Roxana, you can do it, COME ON, DON’T GIVE UP!’.
Today, after one month of exercise and diet, I’ve lost6kg and I gained more will and determination. Of course, I have a lot more to work, but the help received from Andrei and Catering Sanatos gave me wings and the exact impulse that I needed to start on this path.

Slabeste sanatos cu Andrei Rusu si Catering Sanatos

    Now, not only am I thinner, but I’m feeling much better, I have more energy and taste for life and I enjoy more who I am. I recommend this program and Andrei Rusu with all my heart and I hope that my story will make you want to try and will give you the will to start on this road. My results so far made me reinforce my decision to continue my journey with Andrei and Catering Sanatos. THANK YOU!





Domnica, July 22nd, 2016


‘Come on, Domnica! Come on, Domnica! Come on, Domnica!

In the last 30 years, I think nobody called my name as many times as Andrei has been doing for the last 2 months. And not because I would excel in something and he is cheering for me! Nooo, it’s the opposite.
– Come on, Domnica, don’t stop!
– Come on, Domnica, we have 2 more series!
– Come on, Domnica, a little faster!
From time to time, he changes the words:
– Get up, Domnica!
– Don’t sit, Domnica!

And Domnica, that is me, seems to find resources even when she thinks there are no more, and probably she would have stopped much more earlier before finishing the existent resources, because this ‘Come on, Domnica!’ motivates her so much, that somehow, from somewhere, she gets the needed will to do a last repetition maybe it won’t hear it again.
‘Somehow, somewhere’, because the main ‘guilty’ for the unexpected explosion of will is Andrei. Despite the fact that I cannot practice with him my negotiation skills, despite that he provokes me a physical pain that I couldn’t believe I could bear…he repeatedly makes me come back to the gym every time for a new session of best quality entertainment.
I thank him for all his patience that he shows towards me, I thank him for all the moral support that I enjoy every time and last but not least for the fact that tonight, I will look smoking hot in a stretched dress, ladies will know what I’m talking about!’


Vreau sa slabesc cu mancare sanatoasa si antrenor personal

“A trecut deja o luna de cand beneficiez de  programul intensiv de slabit cu Strongbodybuilding,catering sanatos+anttenamente la sala,  asa ca pot sa trag linie si sa declar urmatoarele: -mancarea e intotdeauna proaspata si foarte bine preparata, ingredientele sunt de calitate-diversitatea mare, intr-o luna de zile nu s-a repetat niciun meniu(ba chiar nici macar o masa)-se vede atentia in alaturarea alimentelor si grija cu care aceste meniuri  sunt concepute-atentie la detalii,  mancarea arata bine, chiar intr-o banala casoleta de plastic.-portiile sunt potrivite, in consecinta nu am avut niciodata senzatia de foame dar nici de preaplin.  -dorm mai putin, ma odihnesc mai bine, ma trezesc usor si nu mai am starile de oboseala/somnolenta in timpul zilei pe care.le aveam inainte.-sunt mult mai activa in general.  

Dupa 12 ani de sedentarism si (cel putin) 25 de kg in plus mi-a fost foarte greu sa ma mobilizez pentru antrenamentele la sala, insa cu ajutorul lui Andrei am descoperit cat de bine e sa faci miscare si cat de minunat te simti apoi. Stie intotdeauna mai bine ca mine cat pot si mai ales ca pot! Ii multumesc ca m-a ajutat sa imi regasesc increderea in propriile forte si ca mi-a intins o mana de ajutor atunci cand am avut cea mai mare nevoie. Este de un profesionalism exemplar si o persoana altruista cu mult bun simt. “

Campania cu numarul 3 “Ajutam oamenii sa slabeasca”


Mananca sanatos slabeste sanatosMananca sanatos slabeste sanatos

” Ii multumesc dnului Andrei pentru sprijinul acordat. Am fost incurajata mult de oferta de a primi mancare zilnic, 5 mese, timp de o luna. Este minunat sa nu ai grija mesei urmatoare. De fapt eu mancam haotic pentru ca nu aveam niciodata pregatite mesele, saream peste unele din ele si asa am ajuns sa pun kilograme in exces, mancand pe apucate ! Dupa programul de o luna cu mese regulate si antrenamentele la sala am slabit 4,5 kg. Sunt mandra de mine . Mi-am schimbat modul de viata si ii sunt recunoscatoare domnului Andrei Rusu. Initiativa lui este laudabila. Multumesc pentru tot. PS: antrenamentul nu este deloc usor dar merita fiecare efort !