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The Perfect Back Workout

Workout Description

It’s 2017 and what better way to distinguish yourself as king of the gym than by building a freakishly massive back to rival the best?

The program below will enable you to do just that.

A massive back is what sets the superior bodybuilder apart from the weekend warrior.

Unfortunately, few lifters achieve their true back building potential.

The following, designed and used by master trainer and ALLMAX Nutrition athlete Andre Rzazewski, is big on intensity and volume.

Its heavy emphasis on unilateral movements, multi joint exercises, and inclusion of chainsprovides more intensity than any back workout you have encountered.

Provided your nutrition, supplementation, and rest are tailored for maximum recovery, the amount of effort needed to make it through this grueling workout will force your back to adapt and respond by becoming larger and stronger than ever.

Up until now, Andre’s patented back-blasting workout was used strictly to transform his own phenomenal wings. Now you have access to this unique plateau-buster of a workout.

Give it a shot, chart your progress, and share your results in the comment section below.

The Back Day Burnout

Workout Description

Absolutely nothing makes you look as physically dominate as a thick, wide back.

Every true alpha male has a back as wide as the Great Wall of China and as thick as the bricks it was built with.

But, if you’re not quite there yet, have no fear.

Today we’re bringing you an epic back day workout that will help you develop that V-taper every single lifter aspires to develop from the first day s/he picks up a dumbbell.

This workout isn’t for the faint of heart and if you’re not an experienced lifter, it’s not a good place to start.

Build the foundation for your muscle with a beginner workout and once you’re a little more experienced and ready to tackle a challenge such as this workout, come back and give it a shot.

There’s no need to burn yourself out right off the bat.