Moiceanu Anca

Anca Moiceanu, September 16th, 2013


My problem? Chaotic diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress.

The consequences ?! Extra pounds, disastrous general condition, lack of vitality and everything that derives from here.

Being set to change something and considering that I was aware that I wasn’t going to succeed all by myself, I started looking for a personal trainer. After a previous collaboration with another personal trainer was a failure (total incompatibility), I thought that I should give it another try and ignore the trap ‘they are all the same’ or ‘it’s not working for me’.

I found Andrei on the internet.

I went through the same steps described by his other clients and that you probably read around here: we met, after he listened to my problems he presented briefly the terms of our collaboration, we planned the schedule and we had the first training session. First session.

I don’t remember how physically painful or exhausting it really was, but I do remember that he pointed out, one by one, each and every limitation as a person, every consequences of eating unhealthy, of sedentarism and excessive smoking, so mentally it was demoralizing.

But I needed and I need Andrei for this. To show me how, to explain me why, to support me when I don’t want and to help me when I want but I can’t. Because he knows, he can and he wants it.

The results are already visible after 2 months of training: a little in the weight loss, a little physical condition, a little in how my clothes are fitting (my masseuse told me that I look more assembled, ha ha) and a lot in my state of mind. I am thinner and a lot less stressed, but more confident and motivated.

You probably learnt about him and I confirm it with all my honesty: he is a professional and won’t give up until he sees results. He loves what he’s doing and this can be easily seen in each training.

What I hold against him? First, he left me without any friends. He makes me go to sleep earlier and he totally changed my meals program. I don’t lose nights anymore with my friends and I don’t stay up for late dinners…and I think I’d actually be boring with my still water and salad.

Why I listen to him? Because I know he is right, and because I know he will try to correct in me every bad habit.

Thank you, Andrei, for your whole patience with me! I couldn’t have made a better choice!

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