Rezultate lucrand cu un instructor personal

Irina, 31 y old, Bucharest, May 4th, 2015

After 5 months of personal trainings (2 times a week)

I used to be a, let’s say ‘quasi-sedentary’ kind of person, probably this was the cause of my lumbar discopathy that evolved much because of the 8 hours spent in the office every day.
The shock that I had when I first experienced the first lumbar crisis, and I am not even an overweight person, I actually have a good relationship with the sport activities, was immense and difficult to bear.
From questions like ‘why me?’, ‘why did it happen to me?’ to ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I’m scared’, ‘I’m afraid of the back pain’, and to numerous visits to allopaths, osteopaths, physiotherapy, acupuncture etc.
The pain began to was diminish for a while, but after a certain period of time, it seemed to become more pronounced. The cause, easy to understand, my effort in terms of movement was not sustained constantly and was not done under the guidance of a person who would supervise me and make sure the exercises were done correctly.
So I decided to look for a persona  trainer. This is how I found Andrei, with Google’s help, without any recommendation, the only information I had about him was what I found on his website.
We met, we discussed and we began the trainings.
I remember the first training session, I left more or less on my feet, I was trembling and shaking because it was extremely demanding for me, and I couldn’t stop thinking if I could make it until the end of the session. But what helped me was his encouragement and the fact that I felt he was involved and passionate about what he was doing. By passionate I mean he is also determine (and firm in his decision) to not let you give up the exercises even if you keep saying that you cannot do it anymore and that your limbs don’t listen to you anymore. The training sessions have a certain rhythm, as alert as they could be you have to respect them even if all your body is shaking, because he has his eyes on you and on the chronometer and looks after every movement to be executed correctly and completely.

In the first month, after each sessions we had twice a week, the weekends came with the well-known sore muscles; I have been warned by Mr. Instructor, but what I felt was worse than I expected.
But again, his encouragement showed me that he cares about how I felt, he is empathetic and he cares about what I eat and when I eat, always ensuring that I won’t make mistakes.
If I used to think twice before I ate something, now I’m thinking 5 times, thanks to Andrei who kept reminding me annoyingly often how important the nutrition is when you practice sports but also because I knew what was in store for me at the training sessions.
My results:
– back pains have considerably diminished
– I have a better physical condition
– The muscular tone is visibly improved- this is my husband’s opinion, I observe some changes but I am not yet fully satisfied
– I am more relaxed and optimistic, and after the session I sleep very well
– following his advices (I mean literally he suffocated me every day), I started eating the breakfast, this is a big thing for me
– Since I began the trainings, I have never felt the need for alternative procedures, I don’t feel by back frozen.

The conclusion:
I am convinced that without Andre’s help I wouldn’t have had the motivation and the results to be able to continue. The training sessions are not easy, neither is adopting a balanced diet, but the benefits are worth all the effort.
Thank you!


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  1. Corina says:

    Bravo, Irina! Bravo, Andrei Antrenor personal! E greu, dar cu usorul nu ajungi nicaieri 🙂

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