Domnica, July 22nd, 2016


‘Come on, Domnica! Come on, Domnica! Come on, Domnica!

In the last 30 years, I think nobody called my name as many times as Andrei has been doing for the last 2 months. And not because I would excel in something and he is cheering for me! Nooo, it’s the opposite.
– Come on, Domnica, don’t stop!
– Come on, Domnica, we have 2 more series!
– Come on, Domnica, a little faster!
From time to time, he changes the words:
– Get up, Domnica!
– Don’t sit, Domnica!

And Domnica, that is me, seems to find resources even when she thinks there are no more, and probably she would have stopped much more earlier before finishing the existent resources, because this ‘Come on, Domnica!’ motivates her so much, that somehow, from somewhere, she gets the needed will to do a last repetition maybe it won’t hear it again.
‘Somehow, somewhere’, because the main ‘guilty’ for the unexpected explosion of will is Andrei. Despite the fact that I cannot practice with him my negotiation skills, despite that he provokes me a physical pain that I couldn’t believe I could bear…he repeatedly makes me come back to the gym every time for a new session of best quality entertainment.
I thank him for all his patience that he shows towards me, I thank him for all the moral support that I enjoy every time and last but not least for the fact that tonight, I will look smoking hot in a stretched dress, ladies will know what I’m talking about!’

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