How does it work?

First, you send me an email and you describe what type of service you would like. We will set a meeting in a location that you find confortable for talking and having a coffee, on Fridays or Saturdays (for the moment, my timetable is available only on those days).

In this meeting, I will ask you a series of questions concerning your health, nutrition style, medical history, motivation level, physical level, so that we could establish the starting point and the target.

After our discussion, you will need to sign a paper to confirm that you are allowed to perform physical effort (and that no doctor prevented you from physical activities).

Then we set the days when you wish to have the training sessions and the location where they will be performed.  The sessions can be held at your home (for the beginning) or at the Third Space Soho gym (the subscription is not included in the trainings pack). Also, in case the gym where you are currently training accepts an external personal trainer, I would be happy to assist you there.

My current available timetable is:

Sunday to Thursday: 6pm-8pm

Friday, Saturday: 6am- 8pm.

In case a spot is becomes available, I will update the information in real time on the website and on social media.


You will be asked to take 2 photos of you, from the front and from the profile, with or without face (your choice), so that we could have a before and after comparison. This could serve as an additional motivation for you, to work harder and see your progress with your own eyes.

After all this is set, we can begin the workout sessions. In the first week you will note down what you eat and how much water you drink- this will help us see what needs to be modified in the diet.

I may stress you out with text messages on a daily basis, because I need to periodically check what you eat, how you feel, and to nag you if you cheated and ate something bad.

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