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Loredana, July 12th, 2013



I heard about Andre a long time ago. I saw the results of a good friend who, even if she looked good before, she now looks amazing.

With the occasion of a promo package that he launched on a website, I decided to give it a try so I called him, we met to discuss the terms of the collaboration. He created the nutrition program, we set the workout program. I I most commented the nutrition program because I was trying to reduce the animal protein from my meals and his diet was actually based on them. We discussed and I agreed to let it be like him for a month. And I did well. The nutrition program is very well balanced, 3 main courses at fixed hours and 2 snacks consisting of fruits. I think in my entire life I haven’t ate so many fruits, I think in total I had more than before! It wasn’t difficult to follow the diet, the only difficulty was to refrain from my favorite Radler in the hot summer days, but I resisted, hoping that I won’t even like it anymore in the end!

Moving on, the first workout session. After 10 minutes (we did the warm-up and a few simple exercises) I almost passed out. He had to care me to a couch where I don’t know for how long I remained. Eventually I recovered and I began to walk slowly on the treadmill. The session was already compromised. Following this event, Andrei came up with a change in the plan: we had to continue the sessions with 2 workouts outside in fresh air and 2 in the gym, every week.
From my point of view, the evolution under his supervision is phenomenal!  Even if I had awful muscle soreness and I had to hold myself against the walls to walk, I didn’t miss a single session and he didn’t spare me during the sessions, we worked at a normal pace.

I had moments when I almost cried out of frustration that I couldn’t execute some simple exercises (simple from the exterior) but Andrei was there and continuously encouraged me. Without him I wouldn’t have succeeded not even a quarter of what I did. He may seem unmerciful, but he knows you can and he helps you re-find the last piece of stamina that you thought you’ve lost. It’s like a fresh oxygen intake the fact that he is always by my side and cheers me up at every moment until the end of the session.

A month has passed and in this month I discovered muscles that I didn’t know I had.
My endurance improved, I mount 4 floors by foot without panting for breath and without holding on the banister, I am full of stamina and I can’t wait for the training sessions, although I know that afterwards there will still be some muscles rioting against it and the days that follow would be painful, but this makes me even more motivated.
Besides the endurance, there is also weigh loss! I lost 8 kg in 4 weeks and this is something, considering my condition before this, even though I didn’t use to eat unhealthy or junk good and I still couldn’t manage to lose even 2 kg by myself.
I thank Andrei for all the help!

P.S: The first Radler I will drink I will toast it to you!

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