Slabeste sanatos cu Andrei Rusu si Catering Sanatos


Roxana, August 3rd, 2016

‘Everything started when, one day, I decided to apply to a kind of contest that was shared on Facebook. The contest organizer was Andrei Rusu, personal trainer, who was encouraging us to share our extra pounds in an email sent to them, and then they would choose the winner.
I applied and wrote to them, sharing with them what was my story overall, thinking that he is a stranger by he is an instructor and maybe he could help me. The days passed, and I forgot about my application. But one day I received a message right from Andrei, telling me that I won the contest of that month. It was wow, I’ve never won anything and there I was, the ‘prize winner’. We started on Monday, July 4th 2016, when I also received my first meal from Catering Sanatos, the catering business run by Andrei.
First I didn’t trusted that the food portions would be sufficient to cover my needs, but surprisingly, it was really worth it: every day the menu is diverse and you eat healthier but very consistent. After 2 days we started the training sessions at the gym and it wasn’t easy at all. Then the muscle soreness came, the pain, the cries, but I couldn’t do anything because Andrei kept yelling ‘Come on, Roxana, you can do it, COME ON, DON’T GIVE UP!’.
Today, after one month of exercise and diet, I’ve lost6kg and I gained more will and determination. Of course, I have a lot more to work, but the help received from Andrei and Catering Sanatos gave me wings and the exact impulse that I needed to start on this path.

Slabeste sanatos cu Andrei Rusu si Catering Sanatos

    Now, not only am I thinner, but I’m feeling much better, I have more energy and taste for life and I enjoy more who I am. I recommend this program and Andrei Rusu with all my heart and I hope that my story will make you want to try and will give you the will to start on this road. My results so far made me reinforce my decision to continue my journey with Andrei and Catering Sanatos. THANK YOU!



2 Responses to Roxana

  1. Carmen Dragan says:

    Buna ziua, sunt interesată de programul de slăbire prin livrarea meniului acasă, incerc de cateva luni sa ma disciplinez si sa mananc corect insa nu prea reușesc 🙂 telul meu este sa slăbesc 4 kg.
    Va multumesc anticipat pentru informații.
    Carmen Dragan

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