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From my experience, I know that the results are not going to appear if you neglect your nutrition in the same time with the exercise. I know how stressful it can be to think of a healthy diet for a longer period, or to constantly ask yourself what to eat the next day, or that you don’t have enough time to handle the cooking as well.

Because I care about my customers and I want the best results for them, I want to come with a complete service that will make them gain long-term good habits and persistent results, so for this reason I prepared the below offers:

8 sessions/ month- 280£

3 months (8 sessions/month) – 800£

12 sessions/ month- 400£

3 months (12 sessions/month) – 1150£


The special pack that makes the difference:

If you wish to learn new and quick recipes, I offer to come at your place and cook for you several simple recipes that could easily diversify your menu. Even if you never cooked before, I can show you some basic and simple indications and recipes that you can apply even after we end our collaboration, so that you could remain with good eating habits on a long term.

8 sessions/month+ 2 cooking sessions/month- 350£

3 months (8 sessions/month+ 6 cooking sessions) – 990£

12 sessions/month + 2 cooking sessions/month- 450£

3 months (12 sessions/month+ 6 cooking sessions) – 1330£

*1 workout session- 50minute

*1 cooking session- 50 minute


You have to know that I always believed in the principle of developing and preserving good habits rather than adopting a diet or counting calories. Once you developed a good habit you will see long-term results, while counting calories and keeping a diet are more for those who practice performance sports or people with a medical condition that requires these aspects.

And I learnt this through each customer who reached for my service and the results of whom can be seen in the Reviews section, along with other details concerning my activity as a fitness personal trainer.

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