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Madam Y, April 4th, 2014



I thought that, as I began sharing my first impressions, why not continue them. I have 2 months since I have been struggling with going to the gym. My progress?? I don’t debate any indication from my trainer, I execute all the series with the indicated intensity, I don’t protest and I don’t talk during the training…I am perfectly concentrated and focused on what I’m doing, I eat only what my instructor tells me to, even at major events I respected the meal program periodically verified via text messages. I can say I am a happy person!

P.S.: The message is made up for April 1st.

The truth:
What I’ve realized in these 2 months? Besides all the frustrations related to food (sweets) and all the pissing off, I lost 11 kg. Nothing simpler! I’m kidding! Mr. Trainer is irritably serious, persistent, he keeps bombing me with advice, he wants to know exactly what I ear and when and how much, and after all this time he still didn’t give up in front of my whining and my pretentions (believe me, I am not an easy to go person, and I am also a blonde). I remained the same, I swear, I yell, I make faces, but I go on because I’ve fixed a target. Easy to say, hard to get!

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