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Cum a slabit Mihaela cu ajutorul serviciilor StrongBodyBuilding

Mihaela Aldea, September 28th, 2013


Well, my story of how I lost weight begins a few years ago…since I know me, I used to be a fat person continuously trying to lose weight. My whole life I tried to follow diets but unfortunately for me, with no satisfying results.

Besides the fact that every kilo that I managed to lose through diet I was putting back again after some time, I got ill because of this. Because if a faulty diet, I even got on the surgery table. In the past 2-3 years, I wasn’t managing to lose weight at all, despite all my care for what I ate.

I wasn’t eating fat food, I wasn’t eating sugar, and I was doing sports from time to time, still my weight was always unchanged.
I got to the point where I wasn’t satisfied at all with my physical appearance, I wasn’t feeling good in my skin, with my clothes, but I also knew that I didn’t have a chance to lose weight so I got used to it.

Until I heard about Andrei from a friend of mine who also tried the experience of his services and I got surprised of her results. At first, I wasn’t sure I was really going to do this, to have a personal trainer, as I thought that it wouldn’t make any difference. Well, the difference was a big one.

I was seeing myself the worst customer of his, considering the horrible state in which he found me, with no physical condition and resistance, full of health problems, but despite all of this Andrei managed to bring me to an excellent shape.
At our first session, he asked me what I wanted from him and how much I want to lose: I wanted 10kg in 3 months. Now, after 1 month and 3 weeks since we’ve been doing the trainings, I lost 9kg. No point in counting the many sessions in which I almost passed out (because of health issues) and he still didn’t give up on me. He knew, like me as well, that we had a lot of work.

Before, throughout the day, I always felt tired and had headaches, but now I don’t feel tired at all and I feel like my body is finally starting to gain some balance.

Without Andrei I couldn’t manage to do all this. Through his constant encouraging and support, through the professionalism and seriousity of his trainings, he helped me achieve in less than 2 months what I wasn’t able to achieve in years.

But the funny thing is, I started to love going to the gym and feel the need to exercise, and the diet (which I wouldn’t call a diet but more a healthy and balanced lifestyle) had a great effect on my medical issues too.

With Andrei I learnt to fight, to not give up on my target, to discipline myself and to listen to my body and understand what it needs. I cannot express with words how much it means to me what Andrei did for me because it’s a long story in the background. I fully trust him, I follow his every word because I know I am in good hands. I can now walk on the streets without feeling awkward for the way I look, thanks to Andrei.

My birthday was a few days ago and if I didn’t thank you I will do it now: Thank you for the greatest birthday present I could ever receive!

7 Responses to Mihaela Aldea

  1. andrei rusu says:

    Mihaela a uitat sa precizeze ca numarul de sedinte care le face cu mine este de 2/saptamana.
    Iar cand vine vorba de cadoul oferit;eu nu ma oferit nimic decat indrumari spre tinta care Mihaela si-a propus-o.
    Toata lumea poate sa faca tot ce isi propune cu 1 singura conditie “A VREA”.
    Eu sper ca ea sa nu se lase pe tanjeala cum au facut restu studentilor care i-am avut si sper sa ajungem cat mai rapid la tinta dorita.

  2. Catalin says:

    Bravo Mihaela! tine-o tot asa ! sexxxxy

  3. george says:

    Mult succes Mihaela, sunt sigur ca vei obtine ce ti-ai propus…Spor la munca!

  4. Alexandra says:

    Bravo Miha, arati foarte bine…Si ma bucur ca nu te-ai lasat pe tanjeala ca restul studentilor la care s-a referit Andrei 😉

    • andrei rusu says:

      Am observat mai nou ca nu este vorba numai de studenti ci si de alte persoane,din aceasta cauza voi posta un articol referitor la cum am dat-o eu in bara ca antrenor fara a-i putea determina pe clientii mei sa-si continuie drumul spre visul dorit.

      • Alexandra says:

        Cum sa fie vina ta? In cazul meu (daca eu faceam parte din studentii care s-au lasat pe tanjeala) tu mi-ai declansat clik-ul de care aveam nevoie pentru a ma apuca de slabit…am plecat cu tine de la 76 de kg si desi m-am lasat pe tanjeala o vreme am acum 62 de kg :D…Sper ca pana in aprilie – mai sa ajung si la pragul acela pe care ti l-am spus tie cand ne-am intalnit prima oara adik 56 😉

  5. Mihaela says:

    Andrei hai sa nu exageram cu datul in bara. Nu cred ca e vorba de asa ceva si iti repet ce mi-ai zis tu de atatea ori: Totul depinde de mine (in speta clientii tai), daca am suficienta vointa o sa reusesc.

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