Madame Y

Testimoniale despre Antrenorul personal Andrei Rusu

Madam Y, February 17th, 2014



(She didn’t want her name to be published)

I found my match!

I strongly believe in the saying ‘Carpe diem’ and I enjoy everything life is giving me- now! Not yesterday and not tomorrow.

The worse thing is that I applied this principle in nutrition (I used to eat everything, anytime, anywhere and as much as I could). I’m not complaining about those times of food debauchery, but the lack of exercise really left its mark on me.

I’ve come to have the weight I used to have when I was pregnant in 9 months.
And what did I do? I decided to search for a gym close to my home and start exercising. No sooner said than done. The research went on for several months…during which time I found different reasons to divert the discussion from the subject (I don’t have time, it’s too far, it’s too expensive, it’s too small etc). Don’t think that I didn’t try fast diets and lightning-diets with super-guaranteed results, but the end was always the same- I was big, round and fluffy, wearing large and loose clothes. I forgot to mention that in theory I have all my homework done, while in practice…way harder.

And now the story begins…one day, I was crying over the shoulder of a girlfriend (who lost weight and was sizzling hot, beaming of energy and freshness), that I didn’t have any chance to go back to my long desired weight, when someone came to me and handed me the contact of a person who did a great job with her and a few of her friends.
Hmmm…to call or not to call? The curiosity killed the cat, so I decided to give it a go, and suddenly there I was, in front of a guy who kept bombing me with all sorts of questions to which I had to give honest, precise and quick responses. Big mistake. I got into a personal trainer who was ambitious, persistent, who was dealing with all kinds of challenges, a young man who became a fine psychologist by working with people, being able to find various methods of persuasion for everyone to reach their target.
How do we get along? Like cat and dog. I yell that I can’t do anymore, he starts to count, I say I don’t want no more, he says I had 10 seconds left…and so on. You may say that why am I still going if I don’t want to. I go because I see results, because I don’t want to give up, because the whole session is a negotiation out of which we both come out winners- him more than me (after many prayers, he finally allowed me to taste a chocolate candy, even bought by himself!).

What scares me is the fact that I began to like exercising! The diet rules are the classic ones, that everybody should know and hear everywhere in mass-media.
What can I say, be careful what you wish for, because it might actually happen!
P.S.: I know that among the wealthy people it’s a trend to have a personal trainer, but in my case it’s not the case: his price is very accessible and I’m not advertising anything!

4 Responses to Madame Y

  1. Miss ...X says:

    Felicitari Doamnei Y.
    Felicitari antrenorului ei.
    Bravo acestei echipe haioase.
    Imi place de voi.
    Va pup si tineti-o tot asa.
    MIss…X ( ca sa fiu in ton cu Doamna Y):)

    • andrei rusu says:

      Multumim,sper sa se tina in continuare de treaba ca pana acum 🙂

      • Alina says:

        Buna ziua,
        M-am gandit ca daca tot am postat impresiile mele de inceput de ce sa nu continui. Am doua luni de când ma ”chinui” cu mersul la sala. Progresele mele???… comentez nicio indicatie a antrenorului meu…..execut cu strictete numarul de repetari la intensitatea solicitata….nu protestez si nu discut in timpul antrenamentului….sunt perfect concentrata si focusata la ceea ce fac…..mananc numai ce-mi indica instructorul, chiar si la evenimentele majore am respectat programul verificat telefonic de ”nas”. Pot sa zic ca sunt o persoana fericita!!!

        P.S. Mesajul a fost conceput de 1 Aprilie
        Fitzoasa doamana Y

  2. Alina says:

    Ce am realizat in cele 2 luni?….pe langa nervi si multe frustrari legate de mancare (dulciuri)…am slabit 11 kilograme. Nimic mai simplu! Glumesc! Domnul antrenor este enervant de serios, insistent, ma bombardeaza cu sfaturi, vrea sa stie exact ce si cat mananc, si culmea dupa atat timp nu a cedat in fata figurilor mele (credeti-ma nu sunt usor de suportat…si colac peste pupaza mai sunt si blonda). Eu, fitzoasa doamna Y am ramas aceeasi…injur, urlu, ma stramb, insa merg in continuare pentru ca mi-am fixat o tinta….usor de inteles greu de obtinut!

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